I have known GM for over a decade and she has been a literal life changer. We’ve worked with personal trainers before, and yes the accountability was there, but nothing else. Upon meeting with GM I knew it would be different. She was my trainer but I quickly realized she wasn't solely there to count the number of push-ups I did.  She really cared, and I felt like she became a coach- on the physical aspect but more importantly, emotionally. She didn't believe me when I told her I “couldn't do something”. GM pushed me out of my comfort zone in the most supportive way possible. Because of her, I have completed 15 half marathons. One of them a mere 10 weeks after giving birth to my daughter.  I now look to her phone calls as my ‘therapy’ sessions where she is a great listener and I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders each time we talk. Any goals you have or don't know you have, she will get you there.

— Sam

I have referred several of my personal training clients to Gayle for additional dietary and nutritional counseling, and have had nothing but positive experiences. She has a contagious excitement for her subject matter that motivates her clients, and a strong background in hard science to back it up. Gayle definitely goes above and beyond just handing out meal plans, focusing on specific individual motivations and behaviors, and I would recommend her to anyone.

— Dan Moody



Gayle always came well-prepared for our meetings and shared her well-researched, non-judgmental advice and knowledge. She is passionate about fitness and nutrition and that passion is encouraging and motivating. She inspired me to make the changes I needed to live a healthier lifestyle and make better choices in my life; she listened and understood the challenges unique to me.  I came to rely on her abundance of advice and recommendations–and I consult her to this day on situations I struggle with.

— Linda



To write a quick testimonial about Gayle proved to be difficult because I have so many things to say!

She is so many things to me. I thought I would just be getting diet advice from her but instead, I got so much more. Including a new path in life to start on. She knows her stuff regarding nutrition, No doubt. But along with that came learning how to relax, unwind and enjoy life. How to weed out the negatives in life and welcome in what brings you joy. And most of all, to love yourself and give yourself ample time to achieve that. Gayle to me is one of the most amazing human beings on earth and working with her is amazing.

— Jen