You Don't Know What You Don't Know

Are you new to the fitness space? Are you trying to get better at something, whether it be running, biking, lifting or functional fitness? Or, reversely, are you an OG that has plateaued. Have you been doing your training protocol the same for years, month after month and feel like its been SO long since you have seen any progress or change?

Then listen to what I’m about to say…


You don’t know what you don’t know. Right? So, if you are looking to get into a new sport or some sort of fitnessy THING, you need help. Without the right help and guidance a few things can happen:

1- You do it wrong and hurt yourself (hopefully this doesn’t happen). Whether it be from poor movement, over training, under recovering or just plain old bad ideas, not know what you’re doing and “just winging it” is a recipe for disaster

2- You don’t see results. The worst feeling is putting in time and effort and not getting anywhere, right? Right…so make sure the time and effort you’re putting into something new is worth your while and getting you closer to the ultimate fitness goal

3- You fail. You think you’re on the right path, you work and put in the time and effort and then you go to do the THING, whether it be hitting a number on a lift or running a certain distance…or whatever, and you MISS. And it’s not a miss because you didn’t do your best to prepare, rather it’s a miss because your preparations were all wrong.

The help I’m encouraging you to get can be from a wide range of places.

1. A friend that has been doing this for ever. But remember, that friend can also have been doing this thing forever WRONG, so ask around before committing to their advice

2. The internet. Google is an awesome thing. You can look anything up. Videos on how to do things properly, programs on how to accomplish your specific goal, podcasts learning other people’s mistakes and how to avoid them.

3. Classes. A group or class can be a great way to learn. While you may not always get the 100% individual attention that would be best, you are still getting in front of a coach. Having eyes on you to ensure proper and safe movement is key. Also, you can meet other like-minded individuals that can offer advice of their own.

4. Last, but my favorite, is hiring a coach. A personal trainer, a remote coach…someone in the space you are looking to excel in. An endurance coach to help you crush your half marathon, a body building coach to get you stage ready, a lifting coach to guide you to a strict pull up or a clean PR. An individualized coach works for YOU. The right coach will monitor your progress, be mindful of outside stressors to ensure your training protocol fits not only your goals but your lifestyle, push you and encourage in all the right ways.

From my personal experience, any accomplishment I was serious about making, I invested in a coach. When I wanted to qualify for the Boston Marathon, I got a running coach. When I wanted to make it the CrossFit Regionals as an individual, I got a CrossFit Coach. When I wanted help growing my business, I got a business coach. And I 100% stand by saying that I KNOW I wouldn't have made it as far as I did on my own. The coaches I invested in also invested in me and my success. I am a firm believer in this as well: EVERY COACH NEEDS A COACH.

Here is my disclaimer. There are many people in the fitness space these days. Ensuring your resource is smart, educated and experienced is important. Remember, you get what you pay for. Using a free blog or website is great but having the hands on and individualized experience when you first start will be a game changer. Even if you aren't new, but feel you have peaked and don't know how to get over the next hump, a coach offers an entirely new perspective. Rather than it taking MONTHS to get a grasp on something or accomplish something, putting in the time, energy and resources you have in the beginning, you will far exceed your chances than if you were to try and do it on your own without proper coaching.

Circa 2014, Me and a long time friend/teammate and coach, Perrin, who helped me achieve some of the toughest goals I've reached for!

Are you not sure where to start or what to ask or where to go? Let me know, I can help you narrow down your options! Trust me, I have probably been where you are ;)