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Why You Haven't Reached Your Goals

You have read the posts.

You have talked to the professionals.

You have researched the diets and foods and things that are necessary to implement in order to reach your goals.

Yet, you don't do any of it. You might have the best intentions and PLAN on doing it, but when it comes time, you don't. And that's because if you don't, who cares? Who will call you out on your crap? Who will know whether or not you reached your goal or took the time for you like you had planned to. NO ONE.

I am not saying it isn't possible to reach your goals by yourself. By all means, more power to you if you are able to do that. But more likely than not, having someone in your corner to hold you accountable can be your biggest motivator. Whether that be a friend, loved one or coach, telling someone can be a game-changer in succeeding.

However, experience has taught me that things change when you start to tell people what you want to do.

First of all, it makes it more real. Before the idea of running a race or losing weight or competing in a local competition was just that, an IDEA. Now, you told someone and it is out there in the universe. It is no longer a secret. Which is a good thing! This is going to be the ultimate kick in the rear end to get moving.