When I was a CrossFit CRAZY

Let me paint a picture for you. Flashback to week 3 of the 2014 CrossFit Games open. There were muscle ups.

Coach said to game it so I could really excel at the muscle ups. They weren't my strongest movement by any means but I was above the average female and had to capitalize on this opportunity.

First go at the workout, it was a Friday. I was nervous and worried about the outcome but had to give it my best shot.

9 Muscle Ups.

Ok, I can handle that. So, I called my coach and he was happy but not satisfied. 11 was the goal. 11 muscle ups and I was to repeat the workout on Sunday.

Fast forward through resting and recovering on Saturday and Sunday I start my re-do.

Im cruising through the workout. I have my parents at my gym cheering me on, they were and are my biggest cheerleaders. Hootin' and hollerin' to help encourage me. They are the best.


The clock runs to the end...3,2,1...time. And guess what?

I got 9 muscle ups again. And then it happened.

My mom cheered for me and I yelled at her and told her to be quiet. I mean, now we can laugh about how much of an A-hole I was but man, I was an a-hole. Luckily for me she is forgiving (after a weekend of giving me a much deserved cold shoulder) and we kissed and made up.

I DID go on to completing the workout a THIRD time. Luckily for me (and I guess everyone else, ha) I finished with a solid 11 muscle ups. Third time is a charm I guess.

Hindsight is 20/20 and I know I could have reacted differently. But I didn't so all that was left was to learn from the situation.

This experience translates to life and some things you might have gone through or are currently going through.

You want this thing, whatever it is, so so badly. You are so laser focused on the goal, the destination, that the journey...well, the journey becomes this thing that sucks.

Looking back, it isn't 100% about the destination. When I think back to the 2014 season, sure memories of regionals are fun and happy, but there are so many amazing and fun memories from the open, from training and testing that I went through to get to regionals...I wish I had taken more time to enjoy the entire process.

That's life. Live and learn.

Learn from me on this one. No matter what your goal, weight loss, performance, weight gain, running, cycling....anything...

Enjoy the process. The destination is cool and all but the magic happens along the way.

2014 CrossFit Games Regional