What Burns More Calories?

That depends? WHEN are you talking about?

It's a common misconception that to lose weight, burn calories and get lean, you must cardio your face off. Run, walk, elliptical, stair-master...all of the above.

People shy away from weights for fear of not knowing what they are doing, getting "bulky" or simply because they think "I want to lose weight and get lean, I am going to just do cardio."

Heres the deal:

During the ACT of either cardio or weight training- you might in fact burn more calories DURING the cardio session. HOWEVER, when you are doing doing cardio- the calorie burn stops.

When you weight train, you burn calories during the training session but also continue to do so long after you stop.

Weight training increases your muscle mass, which in turn speeds up your metabolism. If your metabolism speeds up, you burn more calories.

S0, in short, to get that ideal "LEAN" look most people desire, lift weights.

Unfortunately lifting weights isn't like cardio. It is not something I recommend you dive right into without proper training on HOW to do it.

There are a million ways to strength train- machines, free weights, body weights, odd objects - all of them can benefit you a ton. Alternatively, all of them have the potential to hurt you if not done properly.

So, you have a few options:

1. Hire a trainer. This is your best bet. Yes, this can be a little costly, but it is not forever, it is just until you learn the ropes. Understand what a hinge vs. a squat looks like. Learn how to brace your spine when pressing overhead. Understand what the ideal range of motion for YOU is and how to increase that if necessary. At most training facilities and gyms, they offer a complimentary session to help you get comfortable with the facility and equipment. Take advantage of this and ask as many questions as you can!

2. Ask a credible and experienced friend. I say credible and experienced because, lets face it, some of our friends think they know what they are doing but it could very much end up being a blind-leading-the-blind situation if they have no true experience or credibility.

3. Do your research. Youtube is AMAZING. So is the internet in general. A few of my favorite resources to learn from are:

- T-nation

-OPEX anything- just search it on instagram

-Catalyst Athletics

-Eugene Teo at Ganbarumethod.com

4. Hire a remote coach. "But how does that work?" With technology these days, there are so many ways to work remotely, and safely, with a coach. Taking advantage of different apps, videos and facetime, just to name a few, make it possible to start your weightlifting journey without an in person coach.

There are many, many more. These are just a few off the top of my head.

So, want to lean out? Want to drop body fat? Want to look like you workout? Sure, do the cardio if you enjoy it. But, remember that lifting weights, gaining strength and building muscle will be your best bet to success!

I will forever do "cardio" aka RUN because it's something that brings me true J O Y