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P R E A C H I N G . . .

This is something I find I need a snap back to reality with often. More of the right things are not always better. Understanding what you need more of and when you need it is important. I wrote about this topic on instagram. MORE is not always better.

L I S T E N I N G . . .

Whether you track macros or not, often times the concern for people when it comes to nutrition is the quantity of food consumed. People are trying to cut back, eliminate or restrict calories. What if, instead of us being so hyper focused on the quanity of our food consumption, rather we focused on the QUALITY first and foremost? I will talk more about this in another post because it is something I have been experimenting with, but listen to this podcast in the meantime.... It's worth your time.

E A T I N G . . .

This week I have been traveling. And it's the first time in a long time I traveled with a different mindset. I am the person that forever orders a veggie burger and ALL THE FRIES when I go out. And on vacation - we go out a lot. But this time I got real with myself - I had a choice to be unhappy when I got home, or to lean on veggies and veggie burgers, to feel good while I was here AND when I got home. Now, I definitely snagged a fry (or 5) from my niece, but 90% of my meals I was happy with my choices, I never felt like I was missing out and will feel more confident when traveling in the future. A little practice (even in making different food choices) goes a long way.

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