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E A T I N G. . .

GUYS- I am always on the hunt for salad dressings that have few ingredients, not made with garbage oils (aka canola oil) and something that isn't a ton of fat. I found one!

Bolthouse farms Lemon Basil dressing found at Target. Its so perfect!

W R I T I N G . . .

Did you see my tricks on how to speed up your metabolism? (hint: it't not sexy and there are no tricks)

It's worth a read. It is something people are often curious about but disappointed when they find out there is NOTHING SEXY, only simple things that make shift happen.

L I S T E N I N G . . .

Not long after I made the post and blog above, I listened to MindPump. These guys talk about what their top ways to boost metabolism are (pst: its the same as me) but they go into much more depth on WHY these are the reasons! Add it to your list of things to listen to!

Be on the lookout....

Coming this week... is intermittent fasting right for you?

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