Weekly What's Up

What's the lowdown with this week?

Here it is..

W R I T I N G . . .

I wrote a little diddy on brushing your teeth. Not really, but, the lifestyle changes you are trying to make need to be practiced so they become second nature. Having to always rely on self-control or willpower is a recipe for disaster. However, when you make drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces become a normal habit- there is no need self control!

Check out some more thoughts on this here.

F E E L I N G . . .

YO- PUT YOUR SCALE AWAY. (see that, I was yelling right there).

I am going to put my mom on blast here. I LOVE THAT WOMAN TO DEATH, but the scale is her end all be all. She has been upping her fitness routine, crushing her runs, her nutrition is solid and she is going down in pant size! Like I said, crushing it.

But- she's straight pissed the number on the scale didn't change. And, I get it, I get on the scale when I am feeling myself and EXPECTING it to read lower, and it's the same. It can be discouraging to have an expectation of it saying one thing and it says something completely different. Think about this though- she is exercising more, getting stronger, losing inches..... HER BODY COMPOSITION IS CHANGING. She is losing fat but gaining muscle- so it's a complete wash. The unfortunate thing is that society has told us to rely on the scale as our only measure of success.

How about her health improving? How about her going going down in pant size? How about her FEELING her best? There are so many other ways to measure success. We need to shift our focus away from the number between our toes and focus on something else! Read more here.

E A T I N G. . .

I am not a great cook. Ketchup would be considered a spice in my diet. However, I am working on changing that.

I am making a point this week to cook outside of my comfort zone. To cook with more beans and learn to cook them in a way that I like that.

Just like with veggies, the way you cook a food has a lot to do with you actually enjoying them or not. That's my goal with beans. I will keep you posted on how this experiment goes!

Tell me- what do you want to see more of on these weekly updates? More fitness? More food? Looking forward to hearing from you!