Weekly What's Up

In this weeks version of What's Up, I wanted to share with you a few things that have been on my mind but also give you a heads up on what's to come!

F E E L I N G . . .

I love social media. I do, I think it's fun, beneficial at times and if it's used properly it can be a resource for so many things in life. But, I had some not so good feelings in my feels this week with it. It it had NOTHING to do with social media at all, rather my feelings towards MYSELF ultimately and the comparison trap I can get sucked into.

Read more about it here

W A T C H I N G . . .

Do you journal? Do you make lists? Do you take time for reflection?

If not, here I am telling you to start. There is LEGIT science behind expressing gratitude. Start by making a daily list of things you are thankful for.






Loved ones.

Your new floors

WHATEVER YOU ARE THANKFUL FOR. And, if that seems to be a challenge for you, Watch this short video and do what they do. (PSA: get the tissues ready)

W R I T I N G . . .

Comparison and feelings of worth seem to have been a common theme this week. And a come to jesus moment I had that I wanted to share with you...

Your bank account doesn't matter.

The heaviness of the lifts you can perform doesn't matter.

The number of pull ups you can do doesn't matter.

The number on the scale doesn't matter.

What does matter?

Effort - Consistency - Patience


Want to know how to speed up your metabolism?

How about.... WTF IS GLUTEN? You keep being told to NOT eat it, but what the hell is it even?