Weekly What's Up

I first started sending this out via a weekly newsletter. That was all fine and good but once you read it, it got lost in the shuffle of all the emails you have filling your inbox. So, I thought I would try something new for a few weeks and put it right here, on my blog, and see what happens!

If you are new to my "Weekly What's Up"....WELCOME! This is a place where I share a few of my favorite things from the past week! They can range from food to books to mantras...nothing is off limits! So, let's dive in!

E A T I N G. . .

Reishi Hot Cacao. Now- let me start by saying I do not like mushrooms but I love this. I have it nightly to help quench my sweet tooth and help me unwind and prepare for bed.

*side note: I drink it with vanilla soymilk. I have tried with almond milk and water and it just tastes like dirt. So...beware of what you mix it with!

L I S T E N I N G. . .

Do you Whoop? Whoop is a small band you wear on your wrist that provides biofeedback data such as sleep, recovery and daily strain. While I think it's the coolest thing, I didn't know too much about it. This Barbell Shrugged Podcast spoke with the creator or Whoop and gave some insight on why it can be a helpful tool to measure stress load on each individual.

R E P E A T I N G . . .

HAVE A CHILL. Seriously. You need to hear it as much as I do I'm sure...but SLOW DOWN! Things take time...even time takes time. So whether you are considering a change in fitness, nutrition or life in general, remember to SLOW DOWN, allow time to work and have a chill. What you are doing might be working it just takes a minute to see the results. You have to allow time to work its course and trust the process. Don't worry about what Sally or Joe are doing. You do you!

Am I missing something? Drop me a line and let me know!