Weekly Prep

My weekend was busy, in the most perfect way. Not the kind of busy you dread, ya know?

It started with a long run with some bros. 12 miles (15 miles cut short due to some stomach pain. Not dwelling on it, it happens) with some watermelon and lots of snacks in between to keep us fueled - and sharing with the 4-legged bros.

Then Saturday afternoon spent with Matt's Family.

I feel so fortunate to be marrying into a family that still has traditions, like summer, backyard picnics! They are a fun bunch, and the day ended with red velvet cake- what's not to love?

Sunday we spent the day at my brothers new house on the Delaware river. The location is a dream come true, and with some renovations his wife is over-seeing, the inside will look like the inside of a magazine soon enough.

An awesome weekend it was, but it didn't leave me much time at home to get my chores done. It left me with meal prep, laundry, changing the sheets and a few other odds and ends.

Oddly enough, these things are not things I dread. Rather I look forward to them just as much as anything. Cleaning, preparing and prepping are things I do to feel like I am already on my way to a successful week. Healthy food options ready to grab and go, no household chores to have in the back of my mind throughout the week constantly, quietly nagging at me until they are done. Getting my to-do list tackled on the weekend allows me to focus on the week ahead with a clear, stress free mind. No getting home after an evening full of clients to have to worry about cooking dinner- it's already in the fridge ready to be reheated. No trying to squeeze in time to clean my bedding, put new sheets on but also finish the next chapter of my can't-put-down book.

I tackle my to-do list for a clear head on the week ahead, but also to allow some "me-time" throughout the week. I want to sit and read for an hour one night? Doing it guilt free because the house was already vacuumed. Want to spend an extra hour hanging in the woods with the dogs? No problem, lunches are already prepped for the week.

You see, weekly prep and planning may seem like a tedious, draining task at the time. But when looking at the bigger picture of what it actually AFFORDS you to do during the week, the weekends tasks can actually because something you look forward to because you know what you how much you will benefit from it later on.

Change the narrative you have going on in your head about weekend chores. Remember, these are things that have the chance to make your weeks better, days easier and help take you one step closer to your goals each day, no matter what those goals look like.

So, you know my big three- Food prep, Clean sheets and Laundry- in order to feel prepared for the week ahead. What are some things you do to get ready for a successful week?