Vacation and Travel Eats

Let's be honest. Traveling can be a stressful event if you have a certain lifestyle you are used to. You try to eat foods that are going to make you feel and look good. You have a schedule with fitness. You have a routine and certain habits that help make it easy to stay on track to success.

Then, vacation comes up and it can sometimes be a source of anxiety, especially if you are used to a certain lifestyle at home. What is one to do?

My biggest piece of advice when traveling or going on vacation is to loosen the reigns, but have a plan. If you are used to tracking, weighing and measuring everything you eat, maybe now is the time to trust what you have been learning while tracking. Focusing on the basics of nutrition - Water, Protein, Veggies - to make the majority of each meal is a way you can't go wrong.

But also allow yourself to enjoy the time you are away. If that means one night out at your favorite Italian restaurant to eat a meal you would typically shy away from, enjoy yourself. Rather than having ice cream at the boardwalk every day, plan 2 nights that you will indulge and stick to the plan. It doesn't have to be all or nothing.

While traveling, you may not be making forward progress. However, you don't have to backtrack either. Rather, think of it as a side shuffle. If you have a plan, allow some flexibility in what you eat and how much you workout, you will not take 10 steps back, rather you will take 3 steps to the side. When you get back home you can slide right back where you left off.

This past week I traveled to St. Petersburg, Florida with my mom for a girls week. My nutrition was far from perfect, but I loaded up on a few pre-made protein shakes, fruit for snacking and other options that I knew would help me side-shuffle while I was away. No steps backwards were taken. That being said, I definitely indulged and came home with zero regret.

We found the jackpot of all plant based sweets. We were sure to be mindful of what we ate throughout the day so we could thoroughly enjoy our pastries and ice cream that evening and the next morning. Tell me, what goes better with a warm cup of coffee than a homemade pop-tart or coffee cake? I'll wait....

Airport snacks are a major key. They save you a ton of money and you are more likely having a smarter option than the granola bar that will leave you hungry in 20 minutes. Sure, whole foods are ideal but sometimes, doing the best you can is better than not trying at all. A Clif protein bar with a peanut butter sandwich and popcorn for when I am snacky was quick, convenient and easy to get through security.

As we were out and about most days, we ate a good amount of meals on the road. If you don't already have the app Happy Cow, you need to download it. It provides menus, hours, types of food, and if they have options for everyone in your group (plant based or not) of food near you. Using that almost daily, we found a few places that were really great. My favorite was a late lunch/early dinner we had one day. An impossible burger with brussle sprouts, couscous, greens, corn, cauli and a side of sweet fries. This was the best meal of the trip!

I am fortunate in that my mom likes to start her morning with movement just as much as I do, so each morning we went down to a local walking path near the water and I ran a 5 mile out and back along with the sunrise. I love the woods and mountains, but a change of scenery (with only 3ft elevation the entire run, lol) is the perfect change of pace I needed for a few days!

I am back home, winding down a perfect weekend with my boys in the woods and ready to start the week strong. Like I said, I love traveling, I had an amazing time with my mom and I can't wait to do it again but dang, I have got it good back home too.

Heres to a week of home cooked meals, structure in my fitness routine and back to my daily routine that helps keep me on track!