Top 5 Things to Address Before Food

Focusing on food is a distraction not a solution.

I could give you the best diet and nutrition prescription in the world. And it would be bullshit. because until you master the basics (which have nothing to do with food) you wont truly be set up for success.

Top 5 things to conquer before focusing on food:

1. Goals. Where are you going? You can say you want to lose weight or lean out...but what does that mean? Be more specific. And more importantly, WHY? Why are those things important to you? There is no wrong answer here but it is important to be clear on where you are going and why you are going there. When obstacles arise (which they will) you will be able to better jump the hurdle and not allow it to completely derail you.

2. Planning. You know where you are going but HOW will you get there? Don't just have a plan in your head, write down actionable steps you will take to get there. What days you will train, what meals you will prep, what exactly will you prep on those days... The details matter.

3. Stress Management. Ever hear of someone being stressed and reaching for a big bag of broccoli? No? Me either. Stress happens. Cookies and chips will always be there. Fortunately for you, you are going to work on having stress management tactics and routines in place that you do regularly. This will allow for your decision making process to be less swayed by stress and allow you to stay more focused on your goals (see #1)

4. Mindset. Are you your own worst enemy? Are you standing in your way? 9 times out of 10 the answer is yes. You have this story in your head that you curated that you believe to be true. Understanding that the limiting beliefs we have are what is truly holding us back. We need to identify what they are and put in the work to change those thought patterns and work on our mindset.

5. Relationship Editing. Who is in your tribe? Do you have a tribe? You need people in your corner. You need to tell people your goal, you need to ask for help. And the people that don't have your back or aren't pushing you and encouraging you to be the best you can, you need to learn how to detach with love and edit the relationship so you are able to succeed. This is hard. This takes a long time to figure out and put into practice. But this, my friends, is a game changer.

All 5 of these things are the ultimate way to find success with nutrition. Yes, you can master one and ignore the others. But, you would be doing yourself a disservice.

With every new client I get, we start our process together by getting to the bottom of each of these things. Yes, it is nutrition coaching but these are important when creating a life-long, lasting and healthy relationship with not only food, but ourselves too.