'Tis the Season... to Eat

Halloween Candy then Thanksgiving then leftovers then holiday parties then Christmas cookies then.... You get the idea. We are officially at the time time of the year where there is food everywhere. It seems like all the gatherings and holidays revolve around food. And that's a great thing! This should be a time of year you can enjoy, get together with family and friends and not stress over what to eat or drink. Unfortunately, for many people, thats not the case.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Everything in Between

But it doesn't have to be like that...if you have a plan.

Knowing you will have halloween candy at every corner, holiday parties every weekend and Christmas cookies floating around your office, deciding in advance that you will give yourself permission to enjoy one small snickers or one cookie or one glass of eggnog is great. But then, sticking to the plan is key.

Here are some ideas how to battle the temptation to overindulge:

-Decide before getting to the event what you will have

-Eat an entire, nutritious meal prior to going to the event

-Wait to have that first bite or sip. Don't walk in the door and make a bee line for the cookie dish. Instead, catch up with people, enjoy people's company, stay busy and put it off for a bit.

-Change the mindset of rewarding yourself with food. So often people reward themselves with food. What if, instead, you rewarded yourself with something ELSE that felt good...a manicure, a bath bomb, new make up, an extra long bath, a new book...there are so many things you can do for yourself that don't have to revolve around food.

-Ask for help. This is my personal favorite. It can sometimes be easier to resist temptation if you have someone holding you accountable and helping you stick to the plan. A friend, family member or coach are great ways to make sure you don't go hog-wild on the eggnog ;)

It is possible to have and stick to your goals during the holidays AND enjoy them. Just like most other things, you just have to go into it with a plan.

Halloween circa 2009. Jelly Belly JellyBeans GM.

If you are positive you need to eat every mini kit-kat you see and don't think it's possible to have balance during the holidays, it sounds like we need to chat girlfriend. Reach out to me to set up your free consultation before the holidays hit.