Success and Gratitude

How do you measure success?

I am not just talking about weight. But life.

Is your success in life dictated by the number on the scale? Do you wake up every morning to step on the scale and THAT determines what kind of day you will have, good or bad?

What about comparison? Do you compare where you are to someone else and that determines if you are successful or not?

Some days are hard. You feel second best, you feel like you just can't quite seem to get THERE. You feel down on yourself but you WANT that feeling of success and it just seems out of reach. I get it.

But what if you are doing it wrong?

What if instead of trying to figure out how to measure your success, you are thankful. Make a gratitude list. Perhaps THAT is just exactly what you need to see in order to feel like you are successful. And you can come back to it on the days that don't seem as good as you would hope. Days the scale just seems to be in your head, days that you look at the person next to you and you think they are doing better....find that list of what you are greatful for and remember you ARE successful. Your success looks different than others, Your success isn't a number. You are fortunate in one way or another. And, I am going to just say this, if you feel like you can't find one thing to be grateful for even on the worst of days, you need to evaluate yourself. Because, you are alive and breathing. Some days thats enough.

What sparked this?

This evening was the first time in I can't remember how long that I wasn't working. I wasn't programming or answering emails or doing some house chore. Now, these are all things I love however sometimes you can get burned out on things you love.

And throughout the evening I had pangs of guilt. I had feelings that I should be working harder to get more clients, harder to put myself out there and grow my business, harder to be successful.

Then I stopped.

I was basing my success on my monthly income. For real.

Now, I am not a millionaire but I live a comfortable life. I also work really hard and sometimes it's hard for me to see that. I look at my brother who is financially much more successful for me and I am constantly comparing. Dude works his ass off and makes a lot of money. I work my ass off ....and don't make as much money. And I am coming to terms with something...That's ok. I am allowed to make less then him, it doesn't make me less of a person, less of a hard worker or less of a successful human.

It got me to thinking about how I measure success if it's not money.

  • I am so loved. I feel it. Matt, my family, my friends. I know it in my heart.

  • I get to help people every single day. I know if even just one person says " She changed me for the better" than I am a success.

  • I can afford the things I want (FYI: 98% of my money is spent on food- not even kidding) and can travel and I am creating the life I couldn't have even dreamed up.

Success can be measured in so many ways. Feeling like we need to measure by ONE way and not being flexible in our ways can lead to feelings of SUCK. Don't get in that trap. Think outside the box. Write your list. What are you thankful for? And remember, life is good, if you are trying your best then you ARE successful. Keep going.

It's also worth noting, my brother is one of the hardest working people I know and he's one of the things/people that I am most thankful for in this life. My big, little brother.