Recipes and a Favorite Sweatshirt

I am not one that feels comfortable in the kitchen. This is no fault of my own. I can easily follow a recipe and weigh and measure and do what needs to be done but I am always worried about how things taste, feeling as though it is never quite right. I will attribute this mostly to just being uncomfortable cooking anything other than something requiring a microwave. However, I don't put much time or effort to trying to make this any better.

That being said, on occasion the mood will strike me where I will want to spend time whipping up a new-to-me dish (and enjoying it thoroughly when I am done).

We had some bananas that were ripening REALLY fast so I decided banana bread it is!

Minimalist Baker is my go-to site for finding recipes. They offer everything from dinner to dessert, plant based or not. When I searched banana bread a gluten-free, one bowl recipe popped up. One bowl? Right up my ally!

This is not the healthiest most macro-friendly recipe however, it tastes pretty good and was super simple! I decided to make 4 small loaves (and added chocolate chips, duh).

I also jumped into a lasagna for dinners this week. Did you know you could substitute ricotta cheese with firm tofu, soft tofu, garlic powder, splash of almond milk and fresh basil pureed in a food processor? I swear, it tastes just like ricotta cheese! I added some broccoli and spinach for extra greens as well.

Seriously, I wish you could have smelled my house yesterday. It smelled like fall (which I really have been craving lately) and I couldn't have been happier (albeit sweating with the oven running).

The lasagna was really easy to follow without many complicated ingredients. I found it here.

This week we will be eating well as I have a fridge stocked full of food. I actually talk about how I feel successful with food prepping each week without any of the overwhelm in my latest Instagram post. Have you seen it?

Lunch, Dinner and Snacks for Matt's evening at work

Get a little wild and step out of your comfort zone in the kitchen. Find a recipe with not too many weird ingredients, something simple (hello one-pot or one-bowl dishes) and see what comes of it. You have to eat for life. You might as well try and make the eating but also preparing an enjoyable experience. And who doesn't love fresh, warm chocolate chip banana bread!

Last thing. In my latest obsession with it wanting to be cool (not cold- COOL) I have been living in my new sweater by Sarah Marie Design.

I am wearing a small and it washes great!

It's the softest, coziest piece of clothing I own, I swear. I reached out to tell her how much I love it and she wanted to share a discount with you!

Visit her website (and obviously buy this sweatshirt) and use code SIMPLYWELLGM now through the end of September for 15% off. You will NOT be sorry.

I am off to eat banana bread in my cozy sweatshirt.

If you try any great recipes, I would love for you to share them here!