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Recipes and a Favorite Sweatshirt

I am not one that feels comfortable in the kitchen. This is no fault of my own. I can easily follow a recipe and weigh and measure and do what needs to be done but I am always worried about how things taste, feeling as though it is never quite right. I will attribute this mostly to just being uncomfortable cooking anything other than something requiring a microwave. However, I don't put much time or effort to trying to make this any better.

That being said, on occasion the mood will strike me where I will want to spend time whipping up a new-to-me dish (and enjoying it thoroughly when I am done).

We had some bananas that were ripening REALLY fast so I decided banana bread it is!

Minimalist Baker is my go-to site for finding recipes. They offer everything from dinner to dessert, plant based or not. When I searched banana bread a gluten-free, one bowl recipe popped up. One bowl? Right up my ally!

This is not the healthiest most macro-friendly recipe however, it tastes pretty good and was super simple! I decided to make 4 small loaves (and added chocolate chips, duh).