A few months ago on my social media, I made mention I had stopped taking hormonal birth control. No, I don't want a baby, rather the reason behind it is I started to become more educated.

I am 33 years old and it's safe to say I didn't ACTUALLY know about my cycle and what hormonal birth control was doing to me. I talked about it a bit more on my weekly email and I will eventually go into my story a little more, but from all this I realized that I am not alone in feeling uneducated about such a HUGE part of my female life.

I reached out to a friend who has a WORLD of knowledge on this topic. In her own words, Amanda "is an Integrative Dietitian and Functional Practitioner that runs Your Non Toxic Life, a blog, nutrition consulting service, and Facebook group that helps women detoxify their minds and bodies and balance their hormones. Amanda started off her education in nutrition with the traditional route, but after dealing with her own health problems after getting off hormonal birth control she quickly realized the value of functional medicine. After healing her acne, balancing her hormones, and learning the value of her menstrual cycle, Amanda found her purpose—to help women create a body in balance and not settle for anything less."

I encourage you at the very least to read on and learn a little (or a lot) more. Amanda is a boss babe and through the help of her work I was able to confidently stop taking HBC and have more control and knowledge over being female.


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