Nutrition Hygiene

You brush your teeth, wash your face, shower and make sure you generally have good personal hygiene. These are things that are instilled in us at a very young age. What about when you were told to not chew with your mouth full? Well I am about to make your parents into liars. I want you to chew with your mouth full.

There are is another kind of hygiene that isn't as often talked about. It's Nutrition Hygiene. These are the practices and habits associated around eating. Often times as a busy women you are rushing through the day and are lucky to get a meal in so eating your lunch over the sink in between doing other house chores is not uncommon. This type of eating practice actually has an effect on how you digest what you're eating and your overall health.

Cell phones, homework, dishes, laundry.....those are all things I am guilty of giving my attention to in the middle of one my meals. But let's be real for a second...if I just sat for 5 minutes to eat a peaceful meal, the laundry and dishes would still be there waiting for me and the health benefits would greatly outweigh the dishes being dirty for an extra 5 minutes.

But where do you start? Let me help you out.

Top 9 Nutrition Hygiene Habits

1. Smell food before you eat it

2. Sit down to eat

3. Put down your fork between bites

4. Talk with your mouth FULL - eat slow and savor what you're eating

5. Cook your own food - this is HUGE! If you cook what you eat, you not only have a greater appreciation for the hard work that went into making it but you also know every single ingredient used to make it. No hidden oils or dressings, no surprises!

6. Chew very well - aim for 25 to 30 times

7. Educate yourself on what your eating (nutrients, calories, macronutrient profile, where it came from) - more on this later!

8. Understand food is fuel - try to shift the mindset that the food you are consuming is helping you...helping you have energy to tackle the day, giving you brain power to focus and more or less giving you life!

9. Know where your food came from. This knowledge may increase nutrient absorption. Visit a local farm for your crops, go to a local butcher for locally raised meat. There are options other than the food store down the street.

I definitely made sure to enjoy this meal in Hawaii

The first step in understanding nutrition hygiene is to understand yours first. Start small, taking notice of where you physically are when you eat your meals, how quickly do you eat your food, how many times do you put your fork down between bites. Being mindful of what you do is key!

Want more help with creating different nutrition habits that benefit your health but fit your busy life? Lets chat! Set up a free coaching call to learn more!