Maybe a Thank You is in Order

You are your own worst critic.

You look in the mirror and pick and poke and prod at everything you don't like. You get mad at yourself for not following the perfect diet. You get mad at yourself fo not performing a certain way on a workout. You get mad at yourself for not living up to an unrealistic expectation you have set for yourself. Me too, I am just as guilty.

But. When was the last time you forgave yourself for that. For all the hurtful things you have said to yourself. Forgave yourself for setting these unrealistic expectations. Forgave yourself for not being thankful for what your body has done for you. Forgave yourself for not appreciating your accomplishments.

We make mistakes. We stumble and fall and screw up. That is life. It's what you decide to do with those situations that define who you are.

What if we flipped the switch?

What if we tried to say "Thank You" for the time we fucked up. For the times we feel like we could have done better. For the times we fell short. What if rather than being hard and mean and nasty to ourselves, we forgave ourselves and said thank you?

Saying thank you because you have now gotten so many opportunities from that experience.

An opportunity to learn.

An opportunity to make a change.

An opportunity to potentially try something new.

An opportunity to get reframe our self-talk.

It's not easy. But neither is losing weight or back squatting 250# or doing 10 pull ups or having abs. But, I would bet you are willing to put in the work for those things.

Are you willing to put in the work for your mindset, for your self talk, for your self-love and appreciation?

If you aren't. If you are working on only the gym and the kitchen you are missing the KEY piece of success....And that's what sits between your two ears! (your thoughts, duh)