Making it Sexy Makes it Confusing

I recently took to instagram to see what the consensus was. I wanted to know what people thought of nutrition. Complicated or Not?

The results were split, 50/50. Half of my audience voted that it was a simple thing, while the other half seemed to be lost. And you know what, I get it.

Anyone who scrolls through social media or reads a magazine will know what I am talking about. Do I eat carbs, do I eat only fat, should I not eat after 8pm, should I fast.... Holy cow, so many questions and so little time. As if you don't already have 80 other things on your plate, you don't have time to sit down and figure it out all.

So, I am going to tell you what to focus on, because I promise you, it's a lot more simple than you think.

Now, let me preface this with saying that there is a lot more to nutrition than food. Mindset, thought patterns, relationship, self-worth and a laundry list of other things come into play. But I am focusing solely on the food portion.

Follow these few basic food rules to take all of the confusion out of it.

1. Drink water, and a lot of it.

2. Eat real food. Stay on the perimeter of the food store. If it has a laundry list of ingredients or you can't pronounce them, it's probably not real.

3. Eat more protein. 98% of the time when I have someone track their protein intake for a day they are shocked to see they are eating less than 1/2 of what I would recommend. Sometimes it is hard to get that much food in, I get it. If it's between eating 60 grams of protein or eating 80 grams using a shake- drink a shake. But stick to something clean. Lurong Living makes an amazing collagen based (aka no dairy) protein shake that has THREE ingredients. I am convinced there isn't a better, cleaner one on the market.

4. Add more veggies to the mix. Eat a lot of them and different kinds.

5. Don't Crush Carbs. If you are barely walking 3000 steps a day but having a bagel for breakfast, fries with lunch and pasta for dinner, you are eating too many carbohydrates, FOR SURE.

6. What are you drinking? That venti latte you are enjoying is probably 200 calories too many. Or the extra sugar in your coffee, or iced tea with lunch....all of these things add up. Be mindful of the things you drink and make sure they aren't adding extra calories in your day!

7. Be mindful of your fat intake. Ever measure what 2 tablespoons of peanut butter actually looks like? You might be surprised that what you think is a serving of fat is actually 2 or 3 times the amount. That adds up to a lot more calories. Pay attention to oils, butters and nuts....those calories can sneak into your diet and sabotage you. I am not saying avoid them, no, you need fat to lose fat. Just be mindful.

Simple, right? YES- but heres the can't do it Monday through Friday and fall off the deep end on the weekends. You need to be consistent, for more than just a few days.

That's why I say, it's more than food. YES, it starts with food...but in order to make these lifestyle habits and not temporary habits, it's more than food. If you are struggling with where to start or what to do, let's set up a free call to talk more about how you can get started.