Losing Fat Doesn't Always Mean Weight Loss

Let's talk about body composition.




Now, understand that you are comprised mainly of water. Hence why it's important to stay hydrated. Being hydrated allows your body to rid itself of any toxins properly, it allows tendons and ligaments to move well (aka better mobility), and it helps promote blood volume.

Muscle. and Fat. The two things that people most often wish to change.

Muscle weighs more than fat. Wanting to lose body fat is common. However wanting to lose weight is often the focus and the goal.

Losing weight and losing fat do not always go hand in hand.

Let me explain....

What if you are interested in getting stronger? You want your first pull up. You want stronger legs and perform heavy leg presses or hip thrusts in order to get them. You are gaining muscle in order to do these things. Your back is looking jacked and you have the nicest tush around.

Therefore- you are gaining muscle but also, since muscle weighs more than fat, you might be gaining weight. However, you could be losing fat at the same time.

Increasing muscle mass helps speed up your metabolism therefore the calorie burn is higher. By getting stronger, you are gaining WEIGHT via muscle but potentially LOSING weight via fat. Therefore, it's a wash.

So, saying "I want to get stronger and lose weight" can, to some extent, be considered an oxymoron.

Gaining weight could mean gaining muscle while simultaneously losing fat.

"I want to lose body fat and get stronger" is more clear. Unfortunately the most common unit of measure is body weight however that is not always the best way to determine success. In my opinion, it should be avoided as the primary way to see success.

Photos, measurements of body parts, clothing size, and best of all, an accurate body fat percentage tool such as an InBody machine will be the best way to watch your body change and reach your goals.

You can want to get stronger and want to lose fat, but please understand that losing fat does not always equate to losing weight.

Who cares what your weight is if you have muscle?