Limiting Beliefs are Keeping You Out of the Kitchen and Fall Recipes

Limiting beliefs: The things YOU tell yourself that, over time, you have come to believe to be true. These are things that other people may not think about you, things that you have an insecurity about and the things that are ultimately holding you back.

Here is the thing with limiting beliefs, they typically have been part of you for years and years, they took years to manifest and won't go away over night. But, identifying what are some things YOU believe to be true that are actually holding you back from reaching your goals is the first step in the right direction.

For most of my adult life I have told myself and believed that I am not good at cooking. Therefore I shied away from making foods that required much more than starting the microwave or boiling water. I was nervous to feed other people, for fear that the food actually sucked and I would die of embarrassment. Whenever there was a pot luck I was that person bringing in store bought food. Now, there is nothing wrong with that unless, like me, you are doing it because you have a fear of the kitchen.

It wasn't until recently that I decided to experiment with foods. I focused on "one bowl" recipes, those seem the most simple. I gravitated towards recipes that have few ingredients and always foods that are familiar to me. As with anything, practice makes perfect. I have a made few things that were NOT good, and then a few recipes that turned out not only really tasty, but I have even gotten comfortable trying my own experiments with adding or removing some ingredients listed.

So many of my clients struggle with getting into a routine of cooking home-cooked meals, meal prepping for the week or even eating WHOLE, minimally processed foods. I've come to learn that 9 times out of 10 it is because they, like me, don't feel comfortable in the kitchen due to limiting beliefs.

Practice makes perfect. Every meal you make won't be delicious. You won't be comfortable dicing and chopping and peeling without any practice. But over time, the kitchen will become familiar territory for you. You may even start enjoying trying new recipes and new-to-you foods and ingredients. But remember, you have to START to get there.

This weekend I made an autumn staple for dinner- Shepherds pie and Apple Crisp. For the Shepherds pie, I kind of winged it, not following a recipe but doing my best to trust my judgement. The apple crisp was from a recipe I found online.

Shepherds Pie:

To end a proper Sunday night, fall feeling dinner, I had a fresh apple crisp ready and waiting. I usually just wing it with this dessert because I feel like this is a hard one to mess up. Well, following a recipe was a game changer this time. Minimalist baker is one of my favorite websites for recipes and I will most certainly be saving this one for another day!

I did a bad job and ate my dessert before I snapped a photo but trust me, throwing some Oatly vanilla ice cream on top of a warm bowl of the crisp was the perfect night-cap!

Do you have a favorite fall meal? TELL ME!