It's Been a While


I am still here. Although, it has been a while. Almost 2 months.

I could give you a list of excuses for my absence. We were renovating our house, we moved, life was busy. But they are just that, excuses. I have no GOOD reason for not showing up. Don't get me wrong, I have reasons for not showing up, but none of them are good.

Paralysis is the big one. And it is probably safe to say ego too. And I am going to be transparent here because I am assuming you have dealt with these things in some way, shape or form as well.

Paralysis. Overthinking. Perfection. You know, if you don't think you can do it perfectly, you don't do it at all. Let alone I couldn't tell you what perfectly looks like in the case of blogging, sharing and writing, but I just wasn't feeling like I could totally nail it, so...I didn't do it.

I would start, I probably have 13 unpublished posts drafted. None of them quite good enough. Again, good enough for what, I am unsure of.

Ego. That dirty, three letter word.

Who do I think I am, offering advice? But that person over there on that website is way more credible than me. She is way cooler and has way more followers. I want to write about things that matter, but just because it matters to me doesn't mean it matters to you.

Back in the day...circa 2010-ish, I had a personal blog about my running adventures. It was so fun. I would post 2-3x a week. I would talk about my marathon training (training to hopefully qualify for Boston), I would write about the foods I ate (frozen waffles were a staple in my diet then, and still are!), I would comment on what was happening in my life, weekend plans and ongoings. I would occasionally offer up a workout, recipe or "How-to" and I never questioned why I blogged. It was fun, something I enjoyed and it surprisingly got a good amount of traction. I even connected with a few online friends that way and still stay in touch with or follow a few fellow OG bloggers- RunningBun, PetiteAthleat, AliOnTheRun, PeanutButterRunner- just to name a few.

I eventually opened a business and found better use of my time doing business things but, I wrote for a few years and it brought me true joy.


Here I am, with this space on the internet, and it has been almost a year....almost. And I still find myself struggling. I struggle because I have created a nice little business for myself. I have worked with a good amount of people and I know have made impact on even more people than I have worked with. But I get worried, and then the paralysis and ego jump in.

Would I enjoy blogging 2-3x a week again? I honestly think I would. The occasional recipe, workout or how-to. A few posts about "A day in the life." Guests and friends to talk about things that matter to them and might help make a difference in your world.

But I am stuck. Stuck between feeling like I "SHOULD" do certain things (weekly round ups of all the great things on the internet), creating my OWN recipes (lol, I put ketchup on ground "meat" and pasta and call it ghetto spaghetti. Can that be called a recipe?), crafting these terrible and sexy workouts that make you want to puke....the "should's" are paralyzing.

But then again... I "SHOULD" not give a sh*t. Even if something I write only impacts one person, it was worth it. If I write about a boring day I had going for a run, walking my dogs and packing Matt's lunch- that might give someone inspiration to go for a walk and get some fresh air. THAT is enough.

A good friend of mine said " How do you eat an elephant? One bite at time"

Isn't that the same for change. How do you make an impact on this world? One person at a time.

So, I am going to make more of an effort on here. To make this space something I not only enjoy but a place to create impact. Whether it be through writing a workout, sharing a certain how-to or by simply sharing details of my personal life....I am hoping that a happy balance of the three will be sure to resonate with someone (even if it's just my #1 fan- thanks mom ;-) ) .

In the meantime, check out my Instagram to see what the last few weeks of my life have looked like. Besides, who doesn't love a picture collage that Insta provides.