How to Speed up Your Metabolism

Three simple ways to speed up your metabolism...

1. EAT. Yep- you need to eat in order to speed up your metabolism. If you have been chronically under-eating for an extended period of time, there is a way to do this called Reverse Dieting. Undereating tells your body to have a convo with your metabolism that looks like this…“hey bro, you aren’t getting many nutrients so you need to slow the F down so I can stay alive and keep these hormones and organs working somewhat consistently ( I wrote a blog about reverse dieting a while ago but if you want more info, let me know )

2. Lift Weights - Endurance workouts are fun and all but getting stronger builds muscle. This in turns helps you burn more calories even when the activity itself is over. Lift weights to up your metabolic burn

3. Last, and the most important of them all.....Prioritize your health- Sleep and stress should be the first things you need to consider when hoping to increase your metabolism! A healthy lifestyle is the lighter fluid you need to ensure your metabolism is in working order. ‘Burning it at both of ends’ isn’t good. You need sleep, stress management techniques and down time (aka rest days from the gym) in order to keep things functioning in a happy, healthy way.