How Most Clients Find Success

Every person is different. Every goal is different. That means the journey to reach a goal will be different for everyone.

That being said, there have been a few commonalities I have found with the countless of clients I have worked with. When trying to reach a goal, no matter it be fitness, health, performance or aesthetics, there are a few things ALL of my successful clients have done.

The top 6 things that have made a significant impact in my clients lives and progress towards their goals:

-Prioritize water intake. It's a small goal but being able to find consistency in something (as crucial for health, performance and aesthetics) is a confidence booster and this goal in particular has a great impact on results.

-Start small. When you have a goal it should almost feel like “that's too easy” GOOD. Crush that goal and then set another one that seems too easy or simple. The accumulation of each of the “easy” goals will pay you back ten fold in results. It shouldn’t always feel impossible to make changes.

-Plan. Have a plan of attack for HOW you will make these changes. Once a week sit down and write your week out. Don't just have a plan in your head. REALLY have a written plan and send it to someone (or coach) to help hold you accountable.

-Focus on the things you can control. You can't control the scale or how much weight you can lift. But you can control the actions necessary to reach that goal weight or get stronger. Focus on making your goals more habit and action based, not outcome based. Rather than saying “my goal is to lose 3% body fat” the goal can be “ I am going to eat out only 3 meals this week. I will walk 10k a day and I will incorporate 1 rest day a week into my training”. Those are all things you are in control over. You don't control the scale.

-Manage stress. Stress will impact the choices you make, how your body responds to food and sleep and fitness. When you are stressed it will impact the foods you choose to eat, the activities you choose to do and other choices you make. Having a plan *See above* helps tremendously with managing a busy, stressful life.

-Remember, busy doesn’t have to mean bad. Just because you have a busy life, thats not a bad thing. It just means you need to find the time to make rest a priority. An hour a week, if thats all you have, then thats enough for this week. Your situation is temporary, remembering that his helpful.

None of these things focus primarily on food. But ALL of these things will impact not only the choices you make with food but also how your body will respond to that food. Nutrition coaching is so much more than calories in calories out.

Just casually review client success stories...probably