Here is the honest truth: When you decide to 100% commit to reaching a goal, you are deciding to invite discomfort into your life.

To get things you have never had, you must be willing to do the things you've never done.

When you have health, wellness, performance and weight loss goals, there are going to be times that will straight up suck. It will not always be rainbows and butterflies, but that is why not focusing solely on your goal is important. Mindset, mantras, habits and planning are things that help when you enter that "this sucks" moment. I am not saying a mantra to counteract your limiting belief is going to make everything easy, I am saying things like that will help get you through the tough times so that you can sit with the discomfort and be ok.

There was a time when I 100% was not willing to be uncomfortable. If I had a craving for a certain food, I would need that immediate gratification and eat it. When I worked out and it started to get hard or uncomfortable, I would slow down so I had complete control.

While I was in it, it was awesome. Cereal and ice cream as often as I wanted. Never being sore or beat up from a workout- I could get used to this. Fast forward 2 months later when I gained a bunch of unwanted weight and started to really get frustrated at my performance in the gym, that immediate satisfaction kind of wasn't worth it.

You must be willing to delay immediate gratification in order to attain long term goals. And sometimes it outright sucks. But, ready for this.... too bad? Maybe you don't want it bad enough? Maybe you don't like being uncomfortable? I get it. No one does. But sometimes that's what it takes to get somewhere you have never been.

So instead of instantly eating cereal when I wanted it, I stopped. It sucked and was hard, often times I would resort to completely removing myself from the situation and go for a walk in order to not give into the satisfaction of eating whatever I wanted. If going for a walk in order to get my mind off the discomfort of not getting exactly what I wanted was what I had to do, then that is what I did.

You must be willing to be uncomfortable. But you must also work through the processes in order to make the discomfort a little more bearable. Learning the right tools and tricks in order to make the unbearable a little more bearable is key. I can help. Let's talk.