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Comfortable in the Kitchen (and on the trails) & 2 Recipes

Do you find you are more comfortable doing certain things during different seasons? And I am not talking like, wearing your bathing suit only in the summer as opposed to winter. I mean activities and hobbies? I am noticing my cooking and running habits are changing and not with the seasons.

For a really long time I was convinced I loved the hot, humid days to run. But I have come to learn I love that only when I can run in the evening. That being said, I have done almost all of my running in the morning this summer, so it hasn't been as enjoyable as I had hoped.

Well, Saturday morning I hit the trails and I learned that I have come to love cool (not cold) weather running.

Cheesin hard at mile 4 of 9

I experienced a true runners high. I was kind to myself and when I found I was struggling and wanted to walk, I was totally ok with it (which isn't always the case). I enjoyed literally every step of the 9 mile loop.