Comfortable in the Kitchen (and on the trails) & 2 Recipes

Do you find you are more comfortable doing certain things during different seasons? And I am not talking like, wearing your bathing suit only in the summer as opposed to winter. I mean activities and hobbies? I am noticing my cooking and running habits are changing and not with the seasons.

For a really long time I was convinced I loved the hot, humid days to run. But I have come to learn I love that only when I can run in the evening. That being said, I have done almost all of my running in the morning this summer, so it hasn't been as enjoyable as I had hoped.

Well, Saturday morning I hit the trails and I learned that I have come to love cool (not cold) weather running.

Cheesin hard at mile 4 of 9

I experienced a true runners high. I was kind to myself and when I found I was struggling and wanted to walk, I was totally ok with it (which isn't always the case). I enjoyed literally every step of the 9 mile loop.

I had never done the entire border trail at Trexler Game Preserve from start to finish. I have run miles and miles (hello 50K training) of trails here, but never the outside loop in one shot. Maybe it was the weather that made it so enjoyable, or maybe it was running bright and early as the critters were waking, I am not sure, but it was amazing. If you are local, I highly suggest visiting this area!

Cooking with the seasons is a whole new animal.

I have never been one to ENJOY time in the kitchen, especially in the summer. I find autumn the time of year I spend most whipping up a new dish or experimenting with a new dessert. This year I am getting a bit more adventurous in my cooking escapades.

Like this broccoli slaw salad. So easy, so refreshing, and so delicious. I don't measure anything, I just throw it all together and voila, eat up!

Broccoli Slaw salad with cranberries and apple. This is a great treat to bring to a bbq or friends for a satisfying and nutrient dense side dish! I also enjoy eating it all week with lunch or dinner!

I have never been one big on summer desserts either. In fact, apparently peach cobbler is a standard summer dessert and I never ate it let alone made it before. Matt says it's his favorite and we had a lot of gigantic peaches that needed to be put to good use, so, peach cobbler it is!

Like I said I have never had it before so I have nothing to compare it to. I don't even know if it looks right. But, heat it up and throw some vanilla ice cream on it.... I am all yours, Peach Cobbler <3.

I got the recipe here and I have to tell you, her trick about how to peel the peaches....GROUND BREAKING! Go check it out and then try it for yourself, it works like a charm.

If you need me, I will be finishing my weekend with a bowl of peach cobbler reminiscing on how good life is, and how gigantic my brothers dog, Opie, is.


Are you a seasonal chef, or is it just me?

Any recipes you are interested in trying or thing I need to try? Send them my way!