Cheers, 2018

2018, you were challenging in every perfect way possible.

So many lessons kept showing up in different forms.

What you think of me is none of my business. Personal relationships, strangers, internet. Time and time again I created stories in my head of what other people thought. For a few brief moments I believed those thoughts. Luckily, they never lasted too long. From being worried about starting an online based nutrition business to concern over other peoples opinions of my work ethic, I struggled (and continue to do so some days) but I know ME better than anyone else, and these thoughts are just that, thoughts.

Ask and you shall receive. I was unhappy with my work. It wasn’t my passion. I am lucky enough to have the most supportive family. We came up with a compromise where I can help with work from a distance. I learned that what I do for my family business is important. I am contributing to a success my father worked hard at creating, my brother works hard at sustaining and my mother is the queen of it all. I am doing my part at work and more importantly, in life. And for that, for the courage to speak to what I am passionate about and finding a way to mold it all together has slowly created a life that I sometimes cant believe I get to live.

Don’t quit before the miracle. Some goals take a lot of time and effort. Sometimes more than I am willing to give. But the ones that mean the most I am willing to put in the time and effort. Figuring out the ones that are worth it is key. Trying to establish myself as a reputable coach that genuinely wants to help people is not an easy task in a world where everyone with a weekend certification is a coach. But, its important to me, I am passionate about it and I am, day by day, making it come to life.

I will take care of you, but I am learning to take care of me too. Your feelings are important, your wants, your needs, your health and wellbeing are of extreme importance. Typically, I would make sure those in my life were taken care of often times putting my feelings, wants, needs, health and well being on the back burner. I am slowly finding my voice, putting my feelings first and treating myself well. It is not easy, but it’s working.

Those horrible, tough times led you to where you are. I had a few…bad years. Selling a business, moving, ending relationships and friendships…it wasn’t pretty. But today, I am the person I am because of those times. Honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing. All of the challenges I faced shaped me into the person I am and the person I become day by day.

Practice Patience. I have never been a patience person. I am learning to enjoy the process more than the product, the journey as much as the destination. Many times I get discouraged and quit too soon. A few years ago I met a man that has been teaching me, since day 1, to practice some patience. ‘Just let it happen, don’t force it.’ His motto may not always be true, but 9 times out of 10 trusting and practicing patience leads to amazing things.

2018 challenges were faced with huge support system; friends, family, coaches, strangers, clients, all in my corner encouraging me, listening to me and guiding me.

2018 challenges were faced with Reading as much as possible; self-help, non-fiction and the occasional fiction novel to give my brain a break. The list of books that helped me through the year is long and very fitting to the personal growth I have felt.

2018 challenges were faced with fitness. Feeling lost with my why, to not really caring to trying something new. Shift focus to doing what feels good rather than what I think I “should” do. Caring less about results and more about health has been eye opening and so fun in terms of how my body (mental and physical) is responding.

2019. I know the year will not be without obstacles and struggle. But I know I am growing into a place where I can navigate what may come my way.

I am ready. Ready to continue speaking about health, fitness and wellness. Ready to contribute to a successfully growing family business with people that mean the world to me. Ready to continue to evolve and find my own sense of self day to day. And ready, more than ever, to wife up that man that has showed me so much about myself, my impact on this earth and what life is really all about.

Cheers to you, to 2018, and to hoping 2019 bring you just enough challenge to change you but enough happiness to encourage you and remind you, you’re on the right path.