Changing Seasons, in Fitness too

We still have roughly 2 more months of summer, don't we?

I will tell you what, the last few days I have been having a SERIOUS itch for fall. The weather, smells, foods, weather- did I say that yet?

I love all seasons and I especially love summer. The heat, humidity....I do really like it. For approximately 6-8 weeks then I am done. Now, my brain wants all things fall

Apparently Pier 1 is feeling me on this as well

I notice during each season at some point, I tend to start craving the next. I am ready for change, particularly with the weather, and I try my damndest to NOT rush it but I have to be honest - I have a pumpkin candle burning right now. And I may or may not keep my bedroom at a cool 66 at night so I have an excuse to wear a comfy sweatshirt inside. Outside is another story.

That being said, I am so ready and willing for change when it comes to weather and seasons. But when it comes to fitness and what my workouts will look like, I struggle to ACCEPT change.

This has been something I have struggled with for a long time. When I stopped competing in weightlifting and CrossFit in 2016, I all of a sudden felt like a lost puppy. I could run when I wanted, I could rest when I wanted... I didn't have to train for anything other than life. But, it took me months, dare I say years to wrap my head around doing fitness for fun and NOT to the point of exhaustion anymore. I fought this change for a long time.

Now today, I am running and biking a hell of a lot more than I have been in the past. I am really, really enjoying it but it is a significant change from the lifting I have been so accustomed to the last year or so of my life. Sure, I haven't been training for anything in particular but I have been lifting and was in a solid routine. Now, that routine is a bit messed up because I think "If I squat too much today I will be uncomfortably sore on the bike or my run tomorrow."

And...I. AM. STRUGGLING. The guilt for potentially losing muscle (but gaining endurance). The "SHOULDS" for thinking I am not as strong as I once was (but can run 13+ miles with no issues). The constant back and forth of feeling I need to choose one or the other.

Why am I am so eager and ready for change in weather (which is a clearly a huge part of life), yet when it comes to fitness I resist change and have immense guilt, fear and frustration surrounding what it "should" look like?

I am sure I am not the only one here. Change is difficult, fear of the unknown is a real thing. Something that has been helping me lately is practicing acceptance. That's it. Nothing new, sexy or fancy to help me cope. Literally just reminding myself daily that it's OK for my body to change with whatever fitness season I am in. Talking to myself to remind myself that nothing is permanent! If I don't like the outcome of prioritizing endurance for the next bit of time, I can always go back to less running and more lifting.

But for right now, I am honoring what my heart and soul are craving and really enjoying- and that is spin classes and running with a few days of weights sprinkled in here and there!

Recently, I spent some time in the gym and did what once would have been a simple workout. But it left me REALLY sore. I notice my legs having the most trouble bouncing back.

Here is what I did:

Simple, effective, and apparently paralyzing to my adductors. I was in the gym for less than an hour and got a good workout. I think I "should" be doing more of this but right now, in this season of my life, biking and running with a sprinkle of weights here and there is what's making me happy.

If you need me, I will be over here practicing acceptance, likely talking to myself to remind myself to embrace the changing of seasons outside (or lack thereof) as much as I embrace changing seasons in my fitness and spending time each morning running on the trails or spinning to a badass playlist on my peloton.

Do you have different seasons with your fitness as well? I can't be the only one!