Catching up and Staying hydrated

In the northeast, it was WARM this weekend. 800% humidity with the thermometer reading at least 350, I am sure of it.

I headed to the depths of PA this weekend to enjoy some time at Matt's families mountain house. We were sure to get our long run done on Friday morning so Saturday we could wake up and head out.

We like to always make it a point to venture into the woods with the dogs while we are there, and with everyone (mainly me but also the dogs) being super warm, we decided to find a swimming hole. We were not disappointed. After driving back miles and miles of one lane, dirt roads into the local state forest we hiked down to a real life Fern-Gully that we had all to ourselves. The water was cold, refreshing and perfect for all of us.

The following morning we got some road miles in with less elevation than our usual runs but still, it was a nice leg stretcher after a long run Friday.

By the way, are you on Strava? If you swim, bike or run, it's like the Facebook of endurance sports and a nice way to electronically keep track of all your fitness!

Other than the preferred swimming in an ice cold creek to cool your body temperature, staying hydrated is one of your best lines of defense against the heat. Throughout the entire duration of the warm months, prioritizing hydration is not only good for you but necessary to FEEL good throughout the hot days.

1. Drink at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces- of WATER. Then, try to add another 20 ounces for every hour you sweat. Running outside, doing yardwork or sometimes just SITTING outside if the temps are high enough will ensure you perspire a lot. Drinking water is your first and best line of defense to avoid dehydration and other maladies that come from the high temps (dizziness, upset stomach....just to name a couple).

2. Reach for fruit with a high water content! Watermelon, strawberries, oranges and cucumbers are 4 of the most hydrating foods on the planet. It isn't uncommon to lose your appetite in the warmest of months, but when you clearly need to eat but you're also fighting a heat wave, these 4 foods not only can be appetizing on the warmest of days, but they will help you stay hydrated.

3. Don't forget about electrolytes. Water is superb, but ever notice your sweat can sometimes feel a little grainy or taste salty? You are essentially sweating out electrolytes and those, just like plain water, need to be replenished. Adding a Nuun tablet or 2 to your hydroflask once a day is a sure way to stay on top of your electrolytes. I prefer to keep it classic with the OG sport hydration Nuun, but now they also make ones with caffeine and vitamins!

This week I am down on the Gulf coast of Florida for my annual girls trip with my mom! I will be back this week to tell you about our adventures and some of my favorite ways to ensure I stay on track with health and fitness when I travel.

Stay cool friends!