Beauty Counter Consultant

Do you follow me on instagram? If you do then this will be old news for you. If not, here's the deal.

I decided to become a consultant for a company I support 100% . Beauty Counter and their products have changed the skincare game for me.

I don't "girl" well. I don't wear make up. Other than wearing mascara daily I don't put much of anything else on my face. If I feel fancy, I use eyeliner (which I am not even sure I apply correctly) and maybe eyeshadow.

I also have a history of dry, sensitive skin. I get dry patches around my mouth and nose and I flush easily. So I am always cautious of what I use.

I am also getting older and fine lines and wrinkles are a real thing.

Those things being said, I have recently been looking into switching up my skincare regimen to something that is quick, hassle-free, effective but also safe.

Enter Beauty Counter. I was intrigued by their advocacy for clean skin care and also the effectiveness of their products. First I started with sunscreen and a plumping oil that I not only used nightly but absolutely love. Then I went all in to the Countertime set which helps with dry, aging skin (like mine) and dabbled in their mascara, body scrub and a few other goodies. I literally have not been disappointed yet.

Here are my biggest take aways so far from not only being an avid user of their products but also since becoming a more educated consultant:

1. The Never List. This is a list of over 1500 questionable or harmful chemicals that are never used in their products. Your skin is your largest organ. We care about what we feed ourselves and our insides, we care about moving and ensuring we are working out heart and lungs- not enough people consider their skin.

2. They say no to plastic- and care about the planet. Plastic contains Endocrine System Disruptors which are environmental toxins and foreign chemicals that create toxic waste in the body and can increase inflammation and negatively impact our health. Beauty Counter uses glass in hopes to help keep you healthy and, fun fact, they found by using glass it helps the environment too, reducing their carbon footprint by 38%.

3. While unfortunately not all products are vegan, the ones I use are. A full list of what is peanut free, soy free, gluten free and animal free can be found here

4. THIS STUFF WORKS. Because let's face it, if it didn't work we wouldn't use it! The plumping oil that initially got me hooked made my skin look and feel so great after literally every single use- which was every morning after applying it before I went to bed. The Countertime set, including the eye cream, has permanently gotten rid of my dry patches and I can already see my complexion better, skin smoother and fine lines getting smaller and smaller. All of this after just a few short weeks.

With all of that being said, I have really learned that skin care is more than just make up. And it is important for men and women alike. (Psst. They have a mens line too!)

If you have questions, I will be here to help as best I can! And if you are interested in seeing what all this hype is about, here is a link to check the company out for yourself!

But seriously, this is what my skin looks like. You should see what it feels like.