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Are Your Priorities in Line with Your Goals?

6 years ago, my goal was to run a qualifying time for the Boston Marathon. That meant my priorities were early to bed on Saturday so I could wake up early on Sunday for my long run. That meant lots and lots of miles.

4 years ago, my goal was to be the best at CrossFit I could possibly be. That meant my priorities were eat, sleep and breath fitness. My days were planned around my workouts and my recovery. Sunday's I would do literally nothing. I had to rest in order to be prepared for the days of training ahead of me.

Today, I could say that my goal is to have a blazing 6 pack but when I look at my priorities, they don't really line up. If that was the actual goal, I would be adamant about my nutrition. I would have everything figured out. All of my meals and snacks would be planned and straying from the plan would never be an option.

In actuality, my main goal today is to be happy and flexible. That doesn't mean it won't change again another month or a few weeks or a year. But right now, where I am today, happiness is key. For me, that looks like waking up on Sundays to do a workout at the gym that is not planned or fits into a schedule. Then I walk my dogs for however long I feel like without worrying about tiring my legs for the next run or next workout. Then I hike and bike and don't worry about making sure I am rested. Finishing the day with take out Thai food for dinner most likely won't get me the 6 pack because I haven't done a good job of eating all day but you know what, it adds to the perfect day which was the goal.