All or Nothing

The all or nothing mindset kills progress.

So often people decide they are going to make a change and they GO BIG.

  • "I want to lose weight, so from here on out I will eat nothing but lettuce and chicken"

  • "I want to start exercising so tomorrow I will run 10 miles"

Don't lie, we have all been there. And that lasts about approximately 2.3 minutes until either we decide this is too hard and stop or....

You can't do it perfectly because it is an unrealistic goal so you just quit.

What is perfect anyways? Bullsh*t, that's what. There is no such thing. Because, if you ask me, having small goals and tasks that help you eventually get to the bigger picture goal, THAT is perfect. While you are trying to do a complete overhaul of your life in 24 hours and if you can't swing it, which, you probably can't because that's cray, you quit because you can't do it "perfectly."

Change your mindset. Shoot for progress, not perfection.

Progress - Steps to take you to your goals that will not be soul-crushingly discouraging and will actually help you get to the bigger picture goal: you will take small steps to get where you want to be.

How to start:

  • Slow

  • Incorporating MORE food into your diet - but it has to be vegetable and they have to be the first thing you eat

  • Learn to meal prep

  • Move every day. 10-20 minutes of walking. track your steps one day, see how much you actually move (or don't move) in a day

Perfection- One gigantic step to try and get to the top without much thought and it will probably be discouraging time after time of "failing" because it is unrealistic so you throw in the towel and end up gaining more weight or becoming less active.

Clearly the above are just examples, but I want to make sure you get the point. You have this idea in your head and try to just do it...the big thing...hurry and get there. If you can't get there in the unrealistic timeline you set, or you aren't able to complete it as perfectly as you think you should, you altogether quit and go nowhere.

Small steps are still steps. Take the small steps. Trust that you are making progress. And get rid of the idea of perfection.