About GM


16+ Years of experience

Bachelors of Science Biological Chemistry

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, NTP

Certified Nutritionist, Pn1

OPEX Health and Fitness Coach

I was in my early 30's, so concerned with my image and who I seemed to be, so concerned with making sure those around me had been taken care of and I was doing the "right" thing all the time when I realized — HOLD UP...why am I even doing this?! What even is the "right thing"?  I knew right then that it was time for a change.

Are you putting this pressure on yourself to keep it all together?  Family, social life, looks, hobbies…. I mean, who isn’t?  But what if it doesn’t have to be as hard as you’re making it.

It wasn’t until I did some work on ME and figured out what made me feel the most alive that my relationships got better, my health was all of a sudden changing for the better (goodbye love handles!) and I was realizing…the people most important to me were happier because I was happier!


Making time for YOU is the best thing you could do for anyone in your life.  Are you thinking “well I get a manicure once a month…in between running 800 errands and work and…..” I am exhausted just getting a glimpse into your life. It doesn’t work that way, sorry! But lucky for you, I can give you a fresh new perspective, one that is good for YOUR life right here, right now.

I never go at it alone though.  These are hard things that I needed to work on and I knew I needed reinforcements. I knew I needed to get uncomfortable, do something out of the ordinary and stop being the textbook definition of crazy – “Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results”.  You are already being Superwoman, taking care of you (barely), the ones around you (and probably a good part of their lives too), what’s stopping you from not being in charge this one dang time.  Sister, it feels good to not be in charge.  No pressure on you…just do your homework ;)


I was there.  Constantly worrying about my loved ones and putting what I assumed were their needs before mine and not making myself a priority took it's final toll. I started changing the stories I was telling myself. I stopped creating a reality that was oftentimes very far from the truth and worked on creating a reality I WANTED.

Once I got MY story straight and started working towards who I was and what I wanted, then my life started to change.  I felt better, I looked better and I realized the lives around me were even getting better all because of my shift.

It wasn't easy work and it's not over...I will constantly be working on myself. But I will tell you one thing, DANG it feels good to feel good.